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Kim Kulton


Kim Kulton has spent the past thirteen years providing exceptional pet sitting and dog walking service for her customers and their beloved pets in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. Kim earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, with coursework focused on animal behavior and special interest studies in the behavior of wolves and the reintroduction of the species to Yellowstone National Park. Her clinical work was satisfied by volunteering at an animal shelter and working for a veterinarian as she pursued her degree. Kim’s summers between semesters found her working at Petco, and her college internship provided her the experience of rehabilitating injured wildlife native to this area. It was through working with wildlife that Kim developed the foundation for her handling skills.

Upon earning her degree, Kim began her career caring for animals as a zookeeper with a local zoo. At the zoo, Kim gained a keen eye for observing both medical and behavioral problems in a variety of different animals. The groundwork for Kim’s training experience also started at the zoo, target training many animal species. She took a brief hiatus from hands-on animal work when she accepted a position at a county health laboratory to track and eradicate mosquitoes carrying the deadly West Nile Virus. However, her passion for animal care continued to call to her, and Kim subsequently pursued her pet sitting and dog walking service. Kim has been pet sitting full time for the past eleven years.

Kim presently resides in Villa Park, IL and grew up in Elmhurst, IL. Kim has three wonderful canines that make up her family; Rigby (Australian Shepherd), Hunter (Golden Retriever), and Bandit (Cattle Dog mix). She also has two cats (Cheetara, Wiley Kit) that have all found her in a special way and a horse (Indio) that she trains with weekly. Kim’s precious pets remind her daily of the demands of a pet owner and give her insight into the type of care a pet owner expects and demands from a pet sitter while away from home. Kim uses the personal experiences she has with her own pets to help educate her clients on the latest animal care, including animal diet and alternative medical treatments, as well as to assist in identifying any potential behavioral or medical problems with a beloved pet. For example, when her golden retriever’s genetic food allergies caused such severe ear infections that his ear drums ruptured, Kim researched and discovered just the right diet and her Hunter hasn’t had an ear infection in 6 years. The same held true for Rigby’s seasonal allergies which were alleviated with Chinese herbs. Bandit’s severe behavioral issues would have caused him to be euthanized as a puppy if not for Kim adopting him and rehabilitating him with the help of herbs and shape training. Over the years, Kim has enjoyed training her dogs in a variety of disciplines including flyball, agility, and obedience.

Kim’s love for animals began at an early age, and has developed into a lifelong pursuit. As a child, Kim was surrounded by many pets that included dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, exotic fish (that her family bred), and numerous reptiles and amphibians. One would be hard pressed to name any animal that Kim has not cared for over the years. Kim’s parents were instrumental in teaching her respect for all animal life, and Kim credits her parents with helping put her on the path of becoming a pet sitter. Kim’s parents recently retired to a farm where Kim helps care for the sheep, chickens, and other exotic animals.

On her business partner, Michelle: “I am truly fortunate to have found a partner and friend in Michelle. She shares the same passion and focus in providing our customers with the most exceptional pet sitting money can buy. We have a synergistic relationship that focuses on customer service and attention. Michelle’s credentials in animal care are impeccable, and I know that working together, we will care for every client’s pet as if they were our own.”

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